Welcome aboard BWML @ Sawley Marina,  Nottingham. Having had a wonderful day setting up their display, I managed to get a few photos of before and after. Although there is not many, you can see the difference our display has made to Sawley’s Chandlery.

The UK’s Largest Inland Marina with a whopping 23 acres of water space, Sawley is situated just off the River Trent south of Nottingham. Its location, views, size and ability to accommodate  narrowboat’s, widebeam’s or cruiser’s make it a highly desireable marina, not to mention its accessibility with the River Soar, Derwent and Derby all close by.

Facilities on site include the usual pump outs, refuse disposal, Laundry and showers, however the real gems are the fully stocked Chandlery, now complete with a Bedazzled LED Lighting display.  The on site restaurant is a dream, with all welcome including dogs ( The Breakfast is a must ). And of course a local pub, just outside the 24hr secure gates.

We are all looking forward to many years trading with you all. From all at Bedazzled, thank you all at Sawley Marina

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