G4 Vertical 15 LED dimmable

£13.00 £9.10

  • NEW ‘dimmable’ version
  • Steps through 15 then 12 then 3 LEDs using your ON/OFF switch
  • G4 Halogen replacement LED bulb
  • 15 x SMD2835 (new type) LEDs
  • Lumens: 301Lm/243Lm/78Lm (Warm White)
  • Lumens: 315Lm/258Lm/82Lm (Cool White);
  • Wattage: 3.4W; 2.6W, 0.8W
  • Voltage: 10v – 30v DC
  • Current draw (at 12v): 283ma/220ma/67ma
  • Approximate Equivalent to 25W or 20W or 5W Halogen bulb
  • 120 degree wide angle beam
  • Dimensions: 33mm diameter by 8mm deep
  • EMI free (No electrical interference)
  • Features: Internally PROTECTED against Voltage Spikes and FUSED for extra safety

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