BA15D COB1 LED bulb

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  • BA15D (1142) SBC spotlight style LED bulb
  • Single COB2405 LED
  • Dual contact pins (case not connected)
  • Lumens: 151L (Warm White) or 154L (Cool White)
  • Colour Temperature: 2660K WW or 6300K CW
  • Wattage: 1.2W
  • Voltage: 10v – 30v DC
  • Current draw (at 12.7v): 100ma (0.1A)
  • Approximate Equivalent to 15W Tungsten bulb
  • 360 degree wide angle beam
  • Dimensions: Bulb head diameter is 25mm, length 48mm (inc base)
  • EMI free (No electrical interference)
  • Features: Internally PROTECTED against Voltage Spikes and FUSED for extra safety
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