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MR11 LED bulbs known as GU4 commonly found in recessed downlights and some spotlights.

A wide selection of 12v and 24v MR11 bulbs in the standard Dichroic glass and two straight contact pins. MR11 bulbs are  easily identifiable by the 35mm diameter, if yours are 50mm then see our MR16 LED bulbs

These MR11 bulbs are ideal for boats, trains and motorhomes and can be used on both 12 volt and 24 volt electrical systems. They will withstand fast charge charging voltages, voltage surges and common voltage spikes. There are no polarity considerations and consume a fraction of the power of the Halogen original (typically a tenth). They are available in Warm White or Cool White across the range.

MR11 6 LED


MR11 8 LED


MR11 10 LED


MR11 12 LED


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