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Festoon LED bulbs with conical or dimple ends to replace navigation bulbs.

Many marine navigation lights or fittings and boat lamps use these tubular style Festoon bulbs with either conical or dimpled tubular end caps. They are available as 37mm Festoon and 42mm Festoon to cover most applications together with Red and Green versions for popular fittings such as AquaSignal.

The Festoon LED range can be used on both 12 volt and 24 volt lighting systems and withstand charging voltages, voltage spikes and surges, they are no polarity concerns and LEDs consume a fraction of the power of the Tungsten original (about 1/10th). They are available in Warm White or Cool White across the range plus some in Red and Green.

Festoon 37mm 6 LED


Festoon 37mm 9 LED


Festoon 42mm 6 LED


Festoon 42mm 9 LED


Bedazzled stocks the largest selection of Protected LED bulbs, all of which feature Bedazzled's unique voltage spike protection circuit for reliability, peace of mind and safety. Boats, Yachts & Caravans require a higher level of protection against electrical disturbances found on their electrical systems.

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