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BAY15D LED bulbs known as SBC (aka 1157) with dual contacts and offset bayonet pins for navigation lights.

Many deck lights, mast lights, navigation lights, steaming and anchor lights such as Aqua Signal, Hella, Perko use the Dual Contact BAY15D bulbs (with offset pins). Bedazzled suggests Cool White for most applications. It is the brightest and should easily exceed the 2 nautical miles visibility requirements of craft up to 20 metres. For single colour glass navigation fittings choose Red or Green as required. We also stock combined bi-colour or tri-colour bulbs. Alternatively use Warm White to ensure correct the colour is displayed (Cool White changes Red to Amber, Green to Blue).

The BAY15D LED bulbs can be used on both 12 volt or 24 volt lighting systems and withstand charging voltages, voltage spikes and surges. They have no polarity considerations and use a fraction of the power of the equivalent Tungsten bulb (about a 1/10th).

BAY15D 18 LED Tower


BAY15D 24 LED Tower




BAY15D 15 LED Sensor


We have the great selection of replacement Protected LED bulbs, all of which feature Bedazzled's own design spike protection circuit for reliability, safety and peace of mind. Boats & Yachts need a superior level of protection against electrical disturbances found on boat electrical systems.

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