Convert low voltage T5 Fluorescent lights in a few simple steps using our T5-TUBE300 replacement LED tube .

Our LED tube version is 3 times as bright as the standard 8W Fluorescent hence you get as much light as a 24W triple tube fitting for under 6W

This is only for low voltage 12v or 24v lights found in boats or caravans, NOT suitable for mains voltage fluorescent lights!

Step 1

Typical Twin Fluorescent Light, 4 screws on rear to access tubes

Step 2

remove tubes and central cover held in place by rear tabs

Step 3

Straighten rear tabs with pliers to remove central cover

Step 4

cover removed gives access to driver board.

Step 5

Disconnect or cut all wires close to board and remove board

Step 6

Empty fitting ready for rewiring.  See note below

Step 7

reconnect wires as shown, red to switch, black to far end

Step 8

switch input wired to red, output to both near posts

Step 9

final result, tubes can be Warm or Cool or Daylight White

Note: In most cases you only need to fit one tube which may look odd if offset to one side – hence with most fittings there are holes in the central position to which you can move the connectors into the central position.

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