Convert 2D Fluorescent lights in a few simple steps using our G4W-21LP LED board . Most 2D units have a 16W tube and you will get the same amount of light for just 2.7W

Step 1

Typical 2d Flourescent Light

Step 2

Remove 2D tube to expose
Fluorescent driver boardt

Step 3

Use snips to cut the wires to the old fluorescent drivers

Step 4

Mark outline of LED bulb on
rear panel.

Step 5

Build up two small pillars of
hot-melt glue See note below

Step 6

Reconnect wires as shown,
black to black, red to switch etc

Step 7

wiring detail, switch wired
between the red wires

Step 8

Place LED disk over pillars and
add final blobs of glue to secure

Step 9

Finished item, same/greater
light but at 3W instead of 16W

Note: If you don’t have a hot-melt glue gun you can use double sided ‘sticky fixers’ but in either case ensure enough height to allow air to circulate beneath – this helps to keep everything cooler and extends LED life!

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