We thought it was only fair to share with you the excellent and honest reviews we a receiving from our customers, So now that the nights are drawing in and the moonlight is obscured by the darkness of a wintry cloud, Our log stores full and stoves alight

Here is what our customers think, enjoy!

Really pleased with this lighting system. Very simple to install, easy to use and really impressed by how well they light up my stable area.
Bought the high brightness system with 4 lights – have 2 inside the stable (12 x 24ft) and 2 up underneath the overhang – between them they provide fantastic visibility in stable and onto my hardstanding – exceeded expectations.
Ordered on sunday night, in use by Tuesday night – perfect
Will be buying another set when my hay store is sorted out

I’ve bought many variations of LED units from this company, one van I had was a Rapido, with a total of 16 “lights” of varying types of fittings, all were replaced with units purchased from this company, ALL of them are still working, and all replaced varying cheap versions bought elsewhere, and some from another so called specialist LED lighting online company with units at a similar price point that began to fail fairly early on ( and their guarantee proved to be worthless ) I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this company and their units.


I have a number of these lamps fitted in my home, a converted fishing vessel. Warm white in the living areas, cool white in the engine room and other similar spaces. Additionally I have exchanged navigation lights for these LEDs. The results have been an astonishing drop in power consumption and a reliability second to none. The vessel regularly puts to sea . I have seen no adverse effects due to the varying load conditions on the alternator and find when at anchor with the engine shut down my power consumption has been radically reduced. In short these lamps are warm, friendly cosy little marvels and I can’t recommend them highly enough!


A brilliant system. I bought it nearly a year ago , to go into a new barn with stables inside, that is off the grid. I have 4 HD lights (one in each stable and one for the storage area). and 2 torches, just incase one gets dropped. I also bought the extra attachments,; crocodile clips , car battery socket, incase I wanted to use Other sources of battery power. So far , no need , the torches have been great. Separate to this lighting system, I do have really large bright lights I can run with a generators, but it is so cumbersome to do, my generator is locked in a container carrier, I don’t want to have to unlock , and drag it out, listen to the noise, etc. In previous yards I have experienced solar systems that have been very unreliable, either not working at all, and if they did , giving poor light level. With this system, the most expensive piece of kit, the torch, you take home with you to recharge. My bulkhead lights are mounted quite high, but still give good light to each area and I think less likely to be nicked; unlike the solar security motion sensor light I had on the outside of the barn. That lasted about 1 month before it was stolen. This is an impressive, good value, reliable bit of kit. I wrote this review as I’m back on the website to buy more of it to light up other parts of the barn.

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From All on The Bedazzled Team

A special thank you to all who have taken the time to revisit our website and leave us your very honest and kind words


  1. Kevin Gray says:

    A big thanks to Richard at Bedazzled for the prompt and efficient service. I emailed an order through to him just before Christmas, not really expecting a reply until after the holiday. I phoned him on the 28th and he suggested some changes to my order which worked out a bit cheaper, and which will make the installation easier. He also advised me on cable sizing for my system. The advice was pretty much along the lines of what I had thought was needed, but it was reassuring to have the confirmation from someone who uses these items all the time. Anyway, order was placed before lunchtime on the 28th and delivered to me at 10:00 on the 29th. Can’t beat service like that. Next comes the fun bit, installing it. It is a small part of a larger system but I am sure it will integrate perfectly, and if it doesn’t I have Richards assurance that items can be returned for replacement or refund.
    Thanks once again

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