Dome lights are problematic since the bulb normally lies ‘sideways’ in the fitting. Most suppliers would offer you an LED ‘Tower’ bulb which in many cases will not fit and in all cases shines light backwards into the fitting where it can’t be reflected because the non transparent bulb blocks the light!

The best solution requires a small amount of DIY to install a flat disc of LEDs facing the glass and this ensures that ALL the light is facing in the direction you need it.

We suggest that you undo the single screw that holds your socket in place so that you can re-locate it into the rear rim near to the on/off switch. This leaves the whole bowl empty which allows the LED disc to be fitted centrally in the fitting – see images below:

This is only for low voltage 12v or 24v lights found in boats or caravans, NOT suitable for mains voltage fluorescent lights!


Note: If you don’t have a hot-melt glue gun you can use double sided ‘sticky fixers’ but in either case ensure enough height to allow air to circulate beneath – this helps to keep everything cooler and extends LED life!


This example uses our BA15D-21LP bulb in Warm White as shown also available Cool White (like LED torches)

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