Formed in 2005 as the specialist lighting division of HTS, an electronics design and manufacturing business founded all the way back in 1977. Nowadays, Bedazzled has evolved into the leading player in the Marine & Leisure markets with an unrivalled portfolio of robust LED bulbs – specifically designed to meet the harsh electrical environment found on all types of boats, heritage railways, motor homes & caravans. Since our launch of the Bedazzled brand initially into the inland waterways from our canalside premises in Whilton Locks, we have been chosen as the only supplier of retrofit LED lighting for many leading boat builders and chandleries. Many other trades have joined our customer base including Horse Box builders, Solar Home installers, Coach builders, Laboratory Equipment manufacturers, Workshop machine builders, Lift manufacturers/installers and perhaps most prestigeous from our point of view – the Heritage Railways (bring back steam power!!!) Our knowledgeable team is always available to assist you in making the right choice of bulb for any application whether you are an individual looking for a single bulb or a corporation requiring volume products bespoke to a specific project. We can help with any low voltage lighting and excel at producing ‘specials’ in quantities from single units upwards – typically at only marginal extra cost. If it doesn’t exist we will create one by modifying existing stock i.e. tailored to your requirements. Our philosophy is that we just won’t accept a disatisfied customer and will do whatever we reasonably can to resolve any problem encountered by customers. Our ‘No Quibble’ guarantee is offered in the confidence that our ‘Protected’ LED bulbs are the most electrically robust available and that failures are so far and few between that replacements are rarely needed. We will be forever linked to our original market – the Inland Waterways which is where our hearts are since all members of staff are boat owners as well as users of our own bulbs and we still operate from recently refurbished historic Canalside premises!