Bedazzled Lite-Pro High Brightness KitDo you struggle with lighting those remote areas without electricity? Are you fed up of fumbling around in the dark? Then Brighten up those dark corners using this unique, intelligent, reliable and affordable lighting system from Bedazzled.  The Lite-Pro is a unique lighting solution for all ” Off Grid Lighting ” applications,  whether it’s a Garage, Summer house or Outbuilding, a Stable or Field-Shelter a Caravan or even a Tent The Lite-Pro can brighten up them all. With its easy to use “Plug & Go” connections, simply fix or hang your lights where required, plug into the rechargeable high-powered torch and you have a lighting solution for every off grid or lack of mains electricity situation!

It really is as simple as it sounds. Once you have installed your lights, you plug in your torch to power them, and when you’ve finished, unplug the torch and take it home to recharge leaving no solar panels or generators to be stolen. You can even use the torch as you stroll down the garden path or field to brighten where you’re going, reducing the risk of a turned ankle or unexpected trip.

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The Bedazzled Lite-Pro was designed with the consumer in mind and specifically for those who do not have a connection or access to mains electricity. Using a high-powered rechargeable torch to power the bulkhead lights, the system has a running time of between 2 and 8 hours, giving you plenty of time to get your jobs done – from mucking out your horse to lighting up the garden shed.

All systems when purchased include a Torch, a short power cable, a minimum of two bulkheads, and a mains charger.They are available with either a Standard Brightness or High Brightness Bulkhead ranging from a 2 light system to a 6 light system, other accessories available include a 5m extension lead, a battery clip cable, a short power cable, wire adaptors and even a spare torch is available. With this fantastic range of accessories, the system can be used just about anywhere and for just about anything

To Solve all of your lighting issues follow these 3 easy steps to brighten up your nights and days 

  • Visit and purchase your very own “Off Grid Lite-Pro System” alternatively you can search for your local or nearest stockist by following this link
  • Install your Lite-Pro system following the instructions provided
  • Use and enjoy your Lite-Pro system and never again worry about insufficient lighting where you’re working,  playing or relaxing



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