12v LED Bulbs for Boats, Trains and Caravans

Bedazzled is a specialist company dealing in all aspects of LED lighting for the marine and leisure markets.

Our roots are firmly in the marine market especially the inland waterways where our personal experience is gained from 30 years of hiring and living onboard Narrowboats!

The latest LED devices have become the preferred standard in almost all lighting markets! Adding to the appeal is the extremely low power consumption of LEDs (typically one tenth of the power of tungesten bulbs), extremely low heat output, low voltage, robustness and longer life.

LED replacement lamps and bulbs are now available for most fittings achieving substantial savings in energy saving and maintenance costs. Replacement lamps, bulbs and light strips are available in industry standard Bayonet, MR11, MR16, G4, Festoon to name just a few – see our range of available types!

The low voltage LED lights are particularly suited to the leisure markets such as camping, caravans, boats and yachts etc. where the low power requirements are ideal for both 12 volt and 24 volt DC operation.

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